Alleged assault and battery in Tang Hall

Alleged assault and battery in Tang Hall

On Sunday morning, a female resident of Tang Hall reported that an unknown male entered her bedroom, attempted to hold her down on the bed, and asked repeatedly for a kiss, according to MIT Police.

Detective Willard J. Boulter said the MIT Police have not identified a suspect, but “are working off of a couple different leads.”

According to a crime bulletin from the MIT Police sent to the MIT community on Sunday evening, “The victim told the male to leave her alone but he attempted to hold onto her and was demanding kisses. The victim fell between her bed and the wall and states that she spoke to the suspect in a calming voice, who after a few minutes left her room taking a bottle of water.”

The victim called the police right away, Boulter said. He could not comment on the specific floor that this happened on to avoid bringing unnecessary attention to the victim. Students on the floor, as well as the Tang housemasters and house manager, have been informed of the situation.

According to the bulletin, the victim described the male suspect as “white or light Hispanic, late 20s or early 30s in age, approximately 5’11”, 190 pounds; with shoulder length black hair, wearing a white t-shirt with a darker colored zip-up sweatshirt, and blue jeans.”

The crime is being investigated by the MIT Police with help from the Cambridge and State Police. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the MIT Police at 617-253-1212 or visit their offices in building W89.

—Maggie Lloyd