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Clouds and showers lingering through Thursday

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Situation for Noon Eastern Time, Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The bright sunny weather from last week is giving way to more unsettled weather. Gloomy skies, typical of impending fall storms, will sweep across our area through Thursday. Any time from now until then, showers will be possible and you shouldn’t stow away the umbrella. The highest probability of rain should arrive on Tuesday night into Wednesday. These increased chances will come from two developing low pressure centers across the southeastern U.S. These lows will meander northeastward toward New England, and should dissipate just off Cape Cod by late Thursday. Any rainfall in our area should be light however, since the systems are quite weak.

If you enjoyed last week’s clear weather, you can look forward to the coming weekend. By that time, a large high pressure area will move in and provide sunny skies for both Friday and Saturday. But with these clear skies, cool temperatures in the 40s (4–9°C) will also arrive and chill the New England air mass.