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Wild weather winding down

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Situation for Noon Eastern Time, Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A historic winterlike storm over the weekend brought massive amounts of precipitation and high winds across the Northeast. Some parts of western Massachusetts received the most snow, with totals reaching just above 30 inches! In addition, out of all records at the National Weather Service, New York’s Central Park received 2.9 inches of snow, its highest amount ever recorded in October. The low pressure system that brought the wild weather moved up along the coast over the weekend. It exited very quickly by Sunday, allowing for high pressure to take over the region. Maybe a Santa Claus costume would have worked for trick-or-treating in the Northeast yesterday.

The high pressure should dominate our weather, giving mostly clear skies during the work week. There could be clouds today into the night as a storm churns off the Virginia coast and sweeps in some moisture. By tomorrow, however, the clouds should thin out as the storm gets pushed out into the Atlantic. We’re back to fall weather now — winter can still wait!