Police Log

Police Log

The following incidents were reported by the Campus Police between August 31, 2011 and September 18, 2011. The dates below reflect the dates the incidents occurred. This information is compiled from the Campus Police’s crime log. The report does not include alarms, general service calls, or incidents not reported to the dispatcher.

May 01 Bldg. 35 (127 Massachusetts Ave.) 12:00 a.m., Five skateboards stolen. Report taken.

Jun 15 Bldg. W89 (Campus Police, 291 Vassar St.) 12:00 a.m., Larceny of bike.

Aug 21 Bldg. 56 (21 Ames St.) 9:00 p.m., Past larceny of camera equipment.

Aug 26 Bldg. N10 (155 Massachusetts Ave.) 3:00 p.m., Construction material stolen, report taken.

Aug 27 Bldg. W89 (Campus Police, 291 Vassar St.) 1:00 a.m., Backpack with laptop inside stolen. Report taken.

Aug 31 Bldg. E2 (70 Amherst St.) 6:49 p.m., Bike was stolen, report taken.

Aug 31 Bldg. E52 (50 Memorial Dr.) 3:43 p.m., Annoying phone calls.

Aug 31 Bldg. 11 (77 Rear Massachusetts Ave.) 10:17 a.m., Unauthorized use of computer. Report taken.

Sep 01 Bldg. NW12 (138 Albany St.) 10:17 p.m., Witnessed U-Haul truck strike a vehicle and flee the scene on Albany St. Cambridge Police notified.

Sep 01 Bldg. W45 (West Garage, 125 Vassar St.) 8:00 a.m., Vehicle was damaged in the basement of the West Garage. Car 283 responds.

Sep 01 Bldg. NE25 (5 Cambridge Ctr.) 4:19 p.m., Party states an ongoing problem with harrassing phone calls. Sector 1 responds.

Sep 01 Bldg. W16 (Kresge Auditorium, 48 Massachusetts Ave.) 3:00 a.m., Report of a cleaning machine maliciously damaged. Report taken.

Sep 01 Bldg. 16 (21 Ames St.) 12:00 p.m., Reporting party received a voice mail message from an unknown person with vulgar language.

Sep 03 Bldg. W20 (Student Center, 84 Massachusetts Ave.) 12:00 a.m., Party reports laptop was stolen; report taken.

Sep 03 Bldg. E55 (60 Wadsworth St.) 2:15 p.m., Party reports bike stolen from front of E55.

Sep 04 Bldg. 62 (East Campus, West Parallel, 21 Ames St.) 5:25 p.m., Sudden death. Massachusetts State Police investigating.

Sep 05 Theta Xi (64 Bay State Rd.) 11:36 p.m., Report of larceny of a laptop and iPhone from common area. Boston car responds.

Sep 06 Bldg. E38 (292 Main St.) 11:49 p.m., Report of possible homeless male in the basement of E38.

Sep 06 Bldg. 13 (105 Rear Massachusetts Ave.) 6:24 p.m., Report that bike parts were taken off of bike. Report taken.

Sep 06 Bldg. W79 (Simmons Hall, 229 Vassar St.) 7:05 a.m., Reports of suspicious male in the area of Simmons Hall.

Sep 06 Alpha Tau Omega (405 Memorial Dr.) 9:02 a.m., Brick thrown through window. West car officer takes report.

Sep 07 Bldg. E51 (70 Memorial Dr.) 10:39 p.m., Party reports his motor vehicle was keyed.

Sep 07 Bldg. W89 (Campus Police, 291 Vassar St.) 5:36 p.m., Party reports his bike was stolen from the 13 bike rack area. Report taken.

Sep 07 Bldg. 8 (21 Ames St.) 1:00 p.m., Report of a suspicious person.

Sep 07 Bldg. 3 (33 Massachusetts Ave.) 10:44 a.m., Report of a suspicious package.

Sep 08 Bldg. W11 (Religious Activities Center, 40 Massachusetts Ave.) 7:14 p.m., Malicious damage to posters with anti-religion graffiti. Report taken.

Sep 08 Bldg. 46 (46 Vassar St.) 5:00 p.m., Report of a suspicious person. Person located and given trespass notice, all units clear.

Compiled by Joseph Maurer.