Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note

Today’s issue of The Tech includes this special section, with content created by Class of 2015 members of Discover Journalism (TechPOP), a new print journalism-focused Freshman Pre-Orientation Program. Since Tuesday, TechPOP has introduced students to the world of newspaper publishing ­­— they have toured The Boston Globe and The Tech’s printer, MassWeb Printing Company, Inc.; interviewed students and members of the MIT faculty, and spoken with the MIT Knight Science Journalism Fellows. The content contained herein is the final product of a whirlwind day of interviewing members of the MIT community, photographing around campus, designing layouts, and writing articles and columns. We hope that you enjoy the work our students have produced!

Listing all of the people and groups who have aided the FPOP would exceed our space here, but we especially must thank the following: The Everett Moore Baker Memorial Foundation and the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming for graciously providing funding; Simmons Hall Housemasters John M. Essigmann PhD ’76 and Ellen M. Essigmann PhD ’80, as well as Simmons Associate Housemaster Steven R. Hall ’80, for providing the initial faculty support, use of Simmons Hall facilities, and funding via the William R. and Betsy P. Leitch chair; and FPOP organizers from within the UAAP, including Elizabeth C. Young and Laura Maxim, for their patience and support as we worked to build this program from the bottom up.

Ethan A. Solomon ’12 and Jessica L. Wass ’14 served as counselors for Discover Journalism.

Pearle Lipinski ’12 and Joseph Maurer ’12, 2011 Discover Journalism (TechPOP) Coordinators