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Consumer Reports Best Sunscreen Buys of 2011

Consumer Reports Best Sunscreen Buys of 2011

The following sunscreens were ranked as Consumer Reports Best Buys for 2011 in a May press release. They were ranked based on price, UVA and UVB protection, and protection while submerged in water. Prices shown are the retail prices from each distribution company. Descriptions are from their websites.

Up & Up Sport 
SPF 30


6 fl. oz.

• Unscented

• Water resistant

• Available in spray form

No-Ad with Aloe and 
Vitamin E SPF 45


16 fl. oz.

• Aloe vera and vitamin E keep skin hydrated

• Retains SPF for up to 80 minutes in water

• Water and sweat resistant

Equate Baby 
SPF 50


8 fl. oz.

• Comes in lotion form

• Absorbs and dries quickly

• Gentle to the skin