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Severe storms sweep southern states

Spring is the peak season for severe weather in the southern United States, and that fact has been quite apparent over the past week. Last Thursday, a deep low pressure system over the southern Great Plains began to spawn severe thunderstorms and tornadoes in that region. As the storm tracked eastward over the next two days, a major tornado outbreak occurred, with at least 138 tornadoes touching down in 15 states. Forty-three people were killed as a result of tornadoes and high winds associated with thunderstorms during this outbreak.

Unfortunately, conditions have remained favorable for severe weather in the South over the past week. Another 37 tornadoes touched down across the Plains and the Midwest on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the area was struck by severe thunderstorms again yesterday.

Closer to home, the season for severe weather has yet to arrive, as this weekend’s weather will be more typical of spring in the Northeast.