Earl Lee

“OMG” was the response I received from my father when I texted him that MIT’s CPW events last until 4 a.m. It is almost midnight during my first night of CPW, and I already feel like I just ran a marathon while indulging in a three-Michelin star buffet. CPW, quite simply, is a sensory overload. Where else can you experience a smorgasbord of offerings ranging from liquid nitrogen ice cream to East Campus hacking culture? My body aches and yearns for sleep, but I know that there are still four exciting hours of molecular gastronomy cooking and Firehose Lectures — events which I have been looking forward to partaking in ever since MIT posted the CPW schedule online. After those four hours, I have an equal amount of time to recharge before beginning another propane-charged day of activities. After tomorrow, I have yet another full day of events until I can relax on the plane ride home.

My name is Earl Lee, and I come from the D.C. area. Even before arriving at MIT’s campus, I knew ahead of time how many resources MIT devotes to enticing its admitted students into matriculating — holiday cards, acceptance tubes, video web chats, Valentine cards, and a surprisingly active Chris Peterson answering all of our questions on Facebook. CPW has only bolstered my belief that MIT truly cares about each and every admitted student, more so than any other school. Besides the events, CPW has allowed me to meet countless numbers of kind, friendly people — the type you would only expect to find in a cozy, Midwest town. I have met prospective students of all races, interests, and personalities, so my only regret is that I will not be able to remember the names of everyone I meet. A friend of mine texted me asking how CPW is going, and I could only reply, “one big party.”