Festival in Johnson introduces prospective Class of 2015 to MIT and Preview Weekend activities

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Ishwarya Ananthabhotha
Natasha Plotkin—The Tech
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Bruno Tambasco
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Alan Jin
Natasha Plotkin—The Tech
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Raluca Ifrim
Rebecca Han—The Tech
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Anji Ren and Stephanie Wang
Rebecca Han—The Tech
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Evan Daniel
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Mandi Nyambi, Emma Feshbach, Lucas Freitan, Ashley Wheeler, and Michelle Dutt
Rebecca Han—The Tech
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Alex Jaffe
Rebecca Han—The Tech

Alex Jaffe

New Haven, Connecticut

What is your impression of MIT so far?

I attended a string theory class which was probably way beyond me. … It was still really interesting, though.

What activities did you do in high school?

I’m on the math team. Actually, I came here for the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament earlier this year.

Ishwarya Ananthabhotha

Long Island, New York

What is the most memorable thing you’ve done here?

I played card games at Random Hall. My favorite game was “1000 Blank White Cards.”

Where are you currently temped?

Simmons Hall — it’s a great place to be. It has cool architecture.

Bruno Tambasco

Miami, Florida

How has CPW been so far?

I love it! The ice cream, free food, everyone here … just looking around and checking out what an exciting place MIT is.

How much sleep do you plan on getting?

Let’s say negative infinity.

Alan Jin

South Kent, Connecticut

What’s the craziest experience you’ve had at CPW so far?

Probably seeing a naked guy in a box walking around. [Later identified as Brian A. Remlinger ’14, who was actually wearing a cardboard box, advertising for CryoFAC.]

Have any of the clubs here caught your eye?

The chess club. Chess is my hobby. … I did math team in high school — didn’t everybody here? I’m also editor of my high school newspaper, so maybe I’d like to continue that here.

Mandi Nyambi

New York City, New York

Emma Feshbach

San Francisco, California

Lucas Freitan


Ashley Wheeler

New Hampshire

Michelle Dutt

Chicago, Illinois

What CPW events have you participated in so far?

Michelle: I dyed my hair at East Campus! This indigo streak on the side here — my parents saw me earlier with the foil and everything.

Emma and Mandi: Senior Haus. Just walking into Senior Haus was an experience itself. There are some … crazy murals there.

What do you like most about MIT?

Ashley: All the people I’ve met here are amazing.

Any last words?

Lucas: Can you take a picture of us together? I want to remember CPW. It’s really been an experience so far.

Evan Daniel

Long Island, New York

What have you been up to during CPW so far?

I took a practice Harvard-MIT Math Tournament test. I attended the tournament this year and last year.

So you’re really involved in math team?

You could say that. If I came here, it would be a lot of fun to write problems for the tournament.

Where are you staying for CPW?

Bexley. It’s an interesting place. There are cats.

Raluca Ifrim

Seattle, Washington

What do you think of MIT so far?

MIT is great. Boston is really interesting, too. I wandered through some pretty scary places while looking for pika.

Are you staying at pika?

No. I’m temped at New House right now. I never even found pika, actually.

Anji Ren

Princeton, New Jersey

Stephanie Wang

Worcestrshire, New York

What’s your favorite thing about CPW?

Anji: We had hot sauce tonight. It was super hot! I need more bubble tea.

Are you coming here for sure?

Stephanie: Definitely. I’m pretty much settled at this point.