Paul Harris

Hi everyone! My name is Paul Harris (yes, there was a movie that just premiered entitled Paul, but I advise you to wait until the DVD comes out). I am in Boston for my first time for CPW, and I must say, it is a huge change from what I am accustomed to. I’m originally from Atlanta, Ga., where the spring and summers are sweltering and the AC is always broken, so being in Boston — where the temperatures can drop as low as 50°F in April — is a huge change for me. My experience during my first day at MIT (where I’ve been enjoying the seemingly infinite amounts of free food and dance parties) has been idyllic! I’ve never seen so many people willing to just hand me food!

I’m surely not complaining, though. There are so many different activities packed into such a short amount of time that it is literally impossible to experience them all! I’ve gone through the painstaking walk to pika for smoothies, and I’ve had truffles hardened by liquid nitrogen at Random Hall — and I must say that it was something I truly enjoyed! The added aspect of being able to venture into the many research opportunities and learning communities for undergraduates at MIT has been enlightening, and it has strengthened the possibility of my enrolling in the Class of 2015 — that, and all of the amazing people I have met just from my first day here! Here’s to missing out on sleep for the next three days!

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Anonymous about 13 years ago

Iam Paul Harris