Cosmos Darwin

The sheer magnitude of MIT’s Campus Preview Weekend is as awesome as it is frankly ridiculous. Its schedule — a document the size of a novel — lists over 750 events slated to take place over the next four days. One rapidly realizes that there is much more to do than could ever be possible for an individual more or less bound by the laws of physics.

My flight from Ottawa, Canada, landed this afternoon. In the couple hours since then, I’ve seen exotic flavors of ice cream instantly mixed with liquid nitrogen, taken an impromptu tour of the aero/astro workshop, been invited to pen an article for The Tech, and savored an endless lineup of foods and desserts. Indeed, I would loosely estimate that I’ve consumed the equivalent of seven meals in the last two hours, without yet visiting the same place twice.

Most importantly, I’ve had the opportunity to meet my future friends and colleagues from the Class of 2015, each a friendly representative of a different corner of the nation or world. Indeed, the prospect of studying alongside such brilliant classmates is truly humbling. Together, we’ve explored a handful of dorms and fraternities, each unique in its own way, boasting a particular — if not peculiar — array of perks. For instance, one was located in a traditional four-story house and featured a completely decorated network of crawl spaces subtly hidden between the ceiling of one level and the floorboards of the next.

My experience at CPW is only just getting started. Over the course of the next four days — and perhaps more importantly, the next three nights — I’ll get myriad opportunities to explore what this phenomenal institution has to offer. Which, by the way, is just about everything.

I cannot wait!

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