Campus Life

Institute Double Take

Most of us are familiar with 77 Massachusetts Avenue (Building 7) — it’s our gateway to the Infinite Corridor. We just hurry on through without looking around or thinking too much about the place. I was the same way until I decided to take a midnight walk after a long day and looked up. The lighting and contrast reminded me of the various effects that can be achieved with long-exposure photography and inspired me to try it out.

Taken from an elevated point, Building 7 was photographed at night with a long exposure to capture the warm glow of illumination and the streaks of light from the passing vehicles that show how busy and lively Massachusetts Avenue is, even at night. With a long exposure, stationary objects are crisp, but anything that moves will be a blur or invisible. Timing is key — the exposure was started while there were people still waiting to cross the street, which produced the ghost effect, and also allowed sufficient cars to pass by, creating characteristic light trails.


Exposure Time:
25 sec.

ISO 200

Lens Focal Length:
45 mm