A sports article published last Friday on NCAA championship predictions incorrectly referenced two team rosters. Jerome Dyson no longer plays for the University of Connecticut, and DeMarcus Cousins and Eric Bledsoe no longer play for the University of Kentucky. Dyson is now with the Tulsa 66ers, Cousins plays for the Sacramento Kings, and Bledsoe is with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Last Tuesday’s feature on bathrooms at MIT omitted several contributing Tech staff members. Campus life staff, Aislyn Schalck, and Ethan A. Solomon contributed reporting.

Last Friday’s crossword puzzle omitted the asterisks necessary to answer clue 57 down (“Garment that can follow the starts of the answers to the starred clues”). Clues 17 across, 39 across and 63 across should have had stars.

Last Tuesday’s article on Big Screw totals incorrectly stated that Alpha Chi Omega runs the charity competition. Alpha Phi Omega (APO) runs Big Screw.