Big Screw nominations and Thursday totals

3880 bigscrew
Hackers put a big screw on MIT’s little dome to raise awareness of The Institute Screw Contest, APO’s annual charity fundraiser. The contest awards a giant screw to the professor or staff member whom voters feel is screwing them the most.
Michael Y. McCanna—The Tech

Big Screw nominations and Thursday totals




Pavel Etingof, Professor of Mathematics


American Cancer Society

Craig Carter, Professor of Materials Science


Camp Kesem

Dean Colombo


Loaves and Fishes

Michael Yaffe, Professor of Biology


American Red Cross — Japan

David Jerison, Professor of Mathematics



Julie Norman, Director of Undergraduate Advising


Leadership Training Institute


(Cullen Buie, Jacopo Buongiorno)


American Red Cross Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Fund

Steve Leeb, Professor of EECS


Pine Street Inn

Susan Lanza, Course 9 Administrator



Alexander van Oudenaarden, Professor of Biology


Save the Children

Albert Meyer, Professor of EECS


ACLU Foundation


(J.G. Brisson, Anette E. Hosoi)



Kit Cummins, Professor of Chemistry



Alexander Mitsos, Professor of Mechanical Engineering


Big Sister Association of Greater Boston

Muriel Medard, EE/RLE Professor


Soldiers’ Angels

James Roberge, Professor of EECS


Make-a-Wish Foundation

Charles Leiserson, Professor of EECS


Museum of Mathematics

This week, Alpha Phi Omega hosted its annual charity fundraiser, the Big Screw, which recognizes the MIT faculty or staff member who “screws” students the most. Each cent donated to each nominee’s charity of choice counts as one vote, and the winner is awarded a 3-foot-long left-handed screw engraved with their name, which is passed down from year to year. Heading into its last day, the Big Screw has raised just over $745, with Professor of Mathematics Pavel Etingof maintaining his lead with $149.94 for the American Cancer Society.

—Maggie Lloyd