IFC completes risk management overhaul

In order to enable the overall educational experience uniquely provided by fraternities, the Interfraternity Council must implement the most effective governing policies for our community. We are proud to announce an overhauled Risk Management Policy that was ratified by the 26 fraternity presidents on Wednesday after months of collaboration with other groups on campus.

Starting last semester, the IFC identified several issues with our Risk Management Policy and began discussions with key stakeholders involved in planning and executing events at MIT fraternities. We strive to maintain a Risk Management Policy that both ensures a safe experience at fraternities and can also be adequately enforced. The IFC met with the MIT Police, FSILG Office, AILG, chapter risk managers, and others to seek input on how to improve the Risk Management Policy and its enforcement.

The Risk Management overhaul encompasses a number of specific revisions intended to create an open, enforceable policy that provides a realistic structure for proper Risk Management. The IFC Risk Management Consultant program has been revamped, placing a greater emphasis on chapter education and responsibility. Chapters must still follow all national, state, and local laws, as well as the policies of their national organizations. This overhaul is part of a continuous effort to refine our self-governing policies.

The IFC has also been undergoing a longer-term revision to our Judicial Committee Bylaws. Considerable work has been done by a group of 22 brothers, representing multiple chapters throughout the community, to debate best practices for the judicial process. We look forward to finalizing these changes with Chancellor Grimson via the Institute Judicial Review Committee.

The IFC serves as the voice of the 1,100 Greek men at MIT. We remain committed to transparency and hope to foster dialogue among the fraternities and with the rest of the MIT community. We encourage all of our members to express their opinions at the twice-monthly IFC Presidents’ Council meetings, which are open to all MIT students. These meetings bring together all of the fraternity presidents and have been central to the Risk Management improvements. Furthermore, please direct any and all comments or questions to ifc-exec@mit.edu.

Gordon Wintrob, IFC President
Jack Wanderman, IFC Risk Manager