UA might see drastic changes

CORRECTION TO THIS ARTICLE: This article concerning the possible changes occurring to the UA excludes the president of the Panhellenic Association in a list of officers who would comprise a new UA council. In addition to the Panhel president, that council would be made up of the 12 dormitory presidents, IFC president, LGC speaker, and an elected off-campus representative.

UA might see drastic changes

Three bills proposing major restructuring to the UA was presented to the Senate last night. Two of the bills, one submitted by Vrajesh Y. Modi ’11, current President of the UA, and the other submitted by Jonté D. Craighead ’13, current Speaker of the Senate. Both offer competing solutions to the problem of fragmentation among the five undergraduate governing bodies: UA, IFC, DormCon, Panhel, and LGC.

42 UAS 14.2, submitted by Modi, proposes a new constitution for the UA with major changes that include dissolving the Senate and replacing it with a Council made up of the presidents of the 12 dormitories, the IFC, speaker of LGC, and an elected off-campus representative.

In contrast, 42 UAS 14.3 proposed to append a section in the existing constitution that retains the Senate but also forms an Undergraduate Coordinating Committee (UCC). However, the bill was voted down by the senate last night.

The last bill, 42 UAS 14.1 was passed last night, forming an ad hoc committee that will review the current structure of the UA and recommend changes. It will also consider 42 UAS 14.2. This committee will comprise of Senate-elected members and general student members. Timothy R. Jenks ’13, a Senator for Fraternities, was approved as the head of this ad hoc committee and will hold interviews for general members today at 8 p.m.

The ad hoc committee is expected to propose their recommendations on the restructuring of the UA next Monday at the UA Senate meeting.

—Jingyun Fan