One official ticket running for UA President/VP

One official ticket running for UA President/VP

As of the official late petition deadline yesterday at noon, only one pair of candidates had announced their intention to run for UA President and Vice President. Allan E. Miramonti ’13 and Alec C. Lai ’13 are the only candidates for president and vice president, respectively, although it is possible that write-in candidacies could be announced in the coming weeks.

In the platform submitted with their candidacy, the pair described three primary areas of focus — student engagement, enhancement of student spaces, and linking student services.

“Foremost, we plan to address student engagement issues by being proactive and rebuilding trust between students and administrators. Also, we feel that many student spaces on campus can be better optimized for student needs. Lastly, we would like to create a UA Help Desk that will bring together information about all of the student resources on campus,” Miramonti wrote in an e-mail.

Miramonti is currently a UA senator from Random House, and Lai is currently the UA Secretary General and Next House President.

Undergraduates have not elected a UA president who is not entering his or her last year at MIT since at least 1994.

Many class council positions have similarly uncontested elections, excluding potential write-ins (see table, p. 14). Only the Class of 2014 publicity chair race, with three tickets, had more than two candidacies. Over half of all open positions have only one ticket or candidate.

The platforms of all candidates who submitted petitions by deadline (not write-in candidates) can be viewed at the UA elections website,

—Pearle Lipinski