Campus Life

Institute Double Take

This view of the sunset from Lobby 7 was taken through the viewfinder of a medium format camera from the second floor balcony. The reflection on the viewfinder gives a different perspective of a view that we see every day on the way home from classes. The spectacular view is normally ignored, overshadowed by the tiredness of a whole day of classes and work.

I was originally looking around for random views that would let me play around with the medium format camera. The view of Lobby 7 seemed to be a good candidate location to test out the camera. However, in the process of focusing the camera, this generic view suddenly became very different — even mind-blowing. As I focused the lens, the dramatic difference made me wonder if I was focusing my view more than the camera’s view.

I saw this view every day, but I never noticed its significance. All it took was another viewfinder to unwrap the spectacular things that surround us.


Exposure Time:
1/50 sec.

ISO 200

Effective Focal Length:
127.5 mm