Incident in Building 46

Incident in Building 46

Around 5:30 p.m. yesterday, an unidentified male fell from an upper story of the Brain and Cognitive Sciences complex (Building 46) to the third floor atrium. It is possible he fell from the fifth floor of the building down to the open atrium two stories below. Police were on the scene immediately and traffic was directed away from Vassar Street.

The male was breathing when medical help arrived and had sustained a major head injury. Despite his injury, he remained conscious in the ambulance while being transported to Massachusetts General Hospital. His girlfriend, escorted by a professor, visited him at the hospital yesterday evening.

There was at least one witness who gave a statement to the MIT Police, reportedly traumatized after witnessing the incident. The witness was later transported to MIT Medical.

The nature of the fall is currently unknown.

­—Jessica J. Pourian