Taking advantage of one of Boston’s unique thrills

Try soaking in a Bruins hockey game

Many Bostonians have been to Fenway Park to see the ever-popular Red Sox play. The sounds of the roaring cheers that engulf the stadium following a solid crack of the bat or the whiff of a 95 mph fastball, not to mention the excitement and anticipation present whenever David “Big Papi” Ortiz steps up to the plate or when Tim Wakefield seemingly defies projectile dynamics with his crazy pitching style on the mound, are experiences few fans would be willing to give up.

But even hardcore Sox fans will admit that there are times in the game, especially between innings, when the atmosphere dulls and the intensity of the crowd dies down. Imagine how enthralling a Sox game would be without any of the pauses caused by changing batters or waiting for the next pitch. Well, if you want to do more than imagine, go to a Boston Bruins game!

Hockey never slows down. Since fresh legs constantly replace tired ones without disrupting the flow of the game, the action is always fresh and exciting for the fans. A minute does not pass without a player smashing an opponent into the boards or without a superstar’s brilliant move to fake out a poke-checking defender intent on making the steal. One blink of an eye and you may miss a spectacular diving save by the goaltender or a high-speed one-timer by a sharp-shooting forward.

Being absorbed in the thick of the action is fundamental to being a serious Bruins fan. The NHL is fun to watch live when any two teams clash on the ice, but there’s something different about a Bruins game at the Garden. It may be the ferocity of the hits delivered by tall, feared Bruin defenseman Zdeno Chara or the scoring talent of left-winger Milan Lucic. Or it may be the spirited enthusiasm of Bruin fanatics waving on their beloved team. Whatever the case, there’s definitely something special about the experience.

So the next time you have the opportunity to witness the magic of a Bruins game, go for it! You won’t regret the unmatched adrenaline rush that pervades TD Garden when a Bruin lifts his stick to slam the puck into the net and light the lamp (and the eyes of the fans)!