An article on published on Tuesday, December 7, about the 2.009 final presentations incorrectly stated the projected cost of the Blue Team’s egg washer was $100,000 per unit. Their initial legal and patent costs are expected to be $100,000, but their projected production costs are between $600 and $1,000 per unit.

An article running on Friday, December 3, gave wrong information about the minimum sentence Anna L. Tang might receive were she convicted. (Tang was judged not guilty on Wednesday.) Tang did not face a minimum of ten years in prison — there was no mandatory minimum for the charges she faced.

A headline from Tuesday, December 3, erroneously stated that Tang has multiple lawyers. She has only one lawyer.

That same article misspelled the given name of the prosecutor. She is Assistant District Attorney Suzanne M. Kontz, not Susanne. The same mistake was also made in a web-only article about the trial that was published on June 16.