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Thanks to a very warm fall, first snow yet to come

New students awaiting their first Boston snowfall will not see it too soon. While November often means the start of snow season in New England, this fall has on average been unseasonably warm so far. This pattern will continue this weekend, as high pressure over will make for clear, dry conditions. In fact, a beautiful weekend is in store for most of the eastern United States, as a large frontal boundary will remain stationary over the Midwest, leaving warm temperatures and calm winds to its east. This pleasant weather won’t last forever, though, as the cold front will finally reach us on Sunday, making things a bit colder and cloudier for the start of the week.

As far as that first snowfall is concerned, some precipitation is likely later next week as high pressure moves offshore and is replaced by a low pressure system progressing up the Eastern seaboard. Snow lovers shouldn’t get their hopes up, though — temperatures are expected to remain well above freezing for the duration of the event.