Last Wednesday, at the Exec meeting at Senior House, there was a strong discussion on summer housing. The general student input favored more available student summer housing at the respective dorms, especially when space and money permits. Following that was a more thorough discussion on Kendall Square changes and renovations. Various ideas, from grocery stores, boutiques, and coffee shops to live music, event space, and internship offices for startups or UROPs were presented. The UA continues to seek students who are interested in joining a committee that discusses the future of Kendall Square. Please e-mail ua@mit.edu if you are interested.

At this past Monday’s Senate meeting, we invited Noah Jessop ’09, former UA President and Maggie Delano ’10, former UA Vice President and Vice Speaker of the Senate, to be on a guest panel. They gave constructive advice from past experience on how to handle effective communication between students and the administration. It was briefly mentioned, during some opening remarks, that Senators will be running their constituency events soon; please look forward to attending these events at your living groups! Logistically, a bill previously passed on minutes was vetoed in order to maintain the full transparency of the UA via verbatim minutes. Also, a bill to work with HDAG was postponed indefinitely, and a bill to update the constitution was postponed until next week.

Finally, the UA ran it’s first midnight Study Break last Wednesday at 11:59 p.m.! It had some tremendous turnout, and we look forward to seeing you join us with issues and questions while chowing down on tasty food at our next study break! Feel free to e-mail ua@mit.edu if you have any concerns in the meantime.

Alec Lai,
UA Secretary-General