Police arrest suspected robber

Police arrest suspected robber

Police have arrested one of the two male suspects believed to be responsible for the recent string of street robberies in Cambridge. He was spotted by detectives from Brookline and Cambridge police departments in Medford on Wednesday morning.

According to the Cambridge Police alert, 23-year-old Santony Joseph, who fit the description of one of the robbery suspects, of 9 Earl Street in Malden was seen operating a vehicle. After police encountered the suspect and observed evidence inside the vehicle, Joseph was taken into custody and charged with armed robbery, armed robbery with a knife, and receiving stolen property, with more charges to follow.

It is believed that Joseph and his unknown partner have committed the string of four street robberies north of campus on October 22 and 26, as reported in last Friday’s issue. They are also believed to be connected to two additional incidents on Monday, November 1. The victims in both incidents gave descriptions of the suspects that were similar to those from last week: one was very heavy set, and the other tall and thin.

According to Cambridge Police spokesman Dan Riviello, Cambridge Police are still seeking the public’s help to identify Joseph’s accomplice in the robberies. They have not released any photos of the suspect.