IFC investigates Kappa Sigma

IFC investigates Kappa Sigma

Kappa Sigma is under investigation by the IFC for an event involving pledges that took place on Sunday, Oct. 10 at Burton Conner.

At an event with pledges present, Burton Conner residents heard chanting of “Drink motherfuck, drink motherfucker!” Housemaster Merritt Roe Smith broke up the event, and a complaint was lodged with the IFC.

Kappa Sigma President Keith T. Loebner ’11 said he was present at the event, but doesn’t remember that being chanted. He said that alcohol was present, but it was personal alcohol belonging to Kappa Sigma members who were 21 and over, and that the event was “completely within IFC risk management policies.” Loebner said he believed the IFC would not pursue the issue.

IFC President Ryan Schoen ’11, also a Kappa Sigma, said that he has not heard whether there will be a hearing, and that the IFC Bylaws require the hearing to take place within 120 days of the complaint. Schoen said the complaint “certainly did not include anything about encouraged drinking.”

John A. Hawkinson