PBE kicked out, loses IFC recognition

3348 pbesuspension
On Tuesday, September 21, MIT announced the closing of PBE, after the IFC placed a four-year suspension on the fraternity.
Joanna Kao—The Tech

PBE has been shut down. MIT said today that the IFC has closed the Phi Beta Epsilon Fraternity.

The Tech reported on September 10 that PBE had a hearing before the Interfraternity Counctil (IFC) Judicial Committee hearing board on Monday, September 6. According to MIT, after an appeal by PBE, the IFC imposed a four-year suspension on the fraternity for “violations of the IFC’s risk-management policy” today.

The approximately 40 members of PBE living in their house at 400 Mem. Drive on campus will need to relocate in the next few months once MIT revokes their Approved Institute Housing status and the Cambridge License Commission revokes their Lodging House License.

The MIT Office of Residential Life will be working with the members to find housing.

Ryan Schoen ’11, president of the IFC, declined to comment as of 3:30 p.m. this afternoon.

Marlena Martinez Love, the assistant dean and director of Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups could not be reached.