The UA and what it does for you

Q: What is UA updates and answers?

A: We’ve upgraded the old UA update to include answers to common student questions and concerns. So, if you have any, send something towards ua-questions@mit.edu.

Q: The UA? What does it do for me?

A: The Undergraduate Association (UA) represents the undergraduate student body, ensuring that students have a say in campus decisions, whether it’s defending our interests or developing our aspirations. We also work on projects that have a direct impact on student life: allocating funds to student groups, preserving the Trader Joe’s shuttle, purchasing the printer on the 1st floor of the Student Center, and much more.

Q: Well, I think something needs to change.

A: Then consider joining some committees in your area of interest! Talk to your senators, or even come talk to us directly at the UA Office (W20-401). Don’t hesitate. We’ll be glad to give you more information!

Q: Got a website, too?

A: Yep, ua.mit.edu. You can also apply directly for a committee at ua.mit.edu/join!

Alec Lai,

UA Secretary-General