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No hurricanes this week!

For today, New England will enjoy beautiful weather. Highs should top out near 70°F with a light breeze from the west. These conditions are complements of an area of high pressure moving eastward from the Great Lakes region.

Such clear weather is the exact opposite of conditions on this day in 1938, when New England experienced a very powerful hurricane with estimated winds of 150 mph as it slammed into Long Island, NY.

Continuing northward, the storm brought dangerous conditions into the heart of New England, and Boston recorded its highest average wind speed for one minute — 87 mph. Once it was over, the storm caused $3.6 billion (1990 dollars) in damage (the most for any New England weather disaster) and took over 600 lives. Such extraordinary weather does not appear to be in store for us today, and the clear weather will continue through Wednesday before a cold front quickly moves through on Wednesday night. A slight chance of rain will accompany this front, before clear skies return once again for the MIT Career Fair on Thursday.