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Igor, Julia, and Karl, oh my!

The active hurricane season continues in the Atlantic, with three hurricanes occurring simultaneously (a fairly rare occurrence in the Atlantic). As of 5 p.m. yesterday, Igor had sustained winds of 125 mph, Julia had sustained winds of 85 mph, and Karl had sustained winds of 80 mph. Igor has maintained its Category 4 intensity for several days, and is expected to continue to be a powerful hurricane before gradually weakening as he moves over colder waters while curving towards Bermuda. Julia was a Category 4 hurricane on Wednesday, before weakening due to less favorable environmental conditions, including interaction with Igor’s outflow, and is forecast to continue to dissipate. Neither Igor nor Julia forecasted tracks indicate that they will impact the U.S. Karl actually intensified to hurricane status after making landfall in Belize as a tropical storm and crossing over the Yucatan peninsula into the Gulf of Mexico, and is expected to make a second landfall in eastern Mexico this afternoon.

Here in Boston, after some morning showers today associated with a passing low subside, high pressure will move in to the area, giving us pleasant weather for the weekend.