What are Amazon Student and Amazon Prime?

What are Amazon Student and Amazon Prime?

Amazon Student is a one-year offer that gives college students free Amazon Prime service — a service that provides free two-day shipping on most items. Amazon Student also includes special offers and promotions just for students.

It is the one of the two programs Amazon has recently introduced to promote Amazon Prime; the other being Amazon Mom, an offer of Prime to anyone who is a primary caregiver.

Amazon Prime normally costs $79 per year, but Amazon hopes to hook students on it by giving them the first year for free.

Though Amazon Student is advertised for students, anyone with a valid .edu email address is able to sign up. Mailings lists, faculty, and alums are also able to sign up for the service. However, under the Terms and Conditions for Amazon Student Prime, Amazon warns they will pursue fraudulent use:

“If you do not provide documentation indicating that you meet the eligibility requirements above, you may be required to reimburse us for benefits you received as a result of your Amazon Student membership.”