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A warm start to classes, then rain and chilly winds

An area of high pressure centered to our south in the Atlantic will continue moving eastward. As it does so, southwesterly winds will reach New England, providing a quick surge of warm air for today. Highs will likely reach the mid 80s over the area, but remain below those of last week’s heat wave. Temperatures should cool off somewhat for Wednesday as the next storm system approaches, bringing a weakening low pressure across southern Canada toward Nova Scotia. This system will swing a cold front through the east Coast by Wednesday night. Skies will become cloudy and rain should begin falling on Wednesday as showers, or possibly thunderstorms. The fast moving cold front will give way to cooler temperatures (around 70°F) by Thursday, and allow some showers from the accompanying low pressure to move southward from Canada. Don’t worry, no tropical cyclones in sight for now.