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Dreaming of Winter Yet?

Boy, it’s hot! Yesterday’s air temperature reached 100°F (38°C) at Logan Airport, which fell just short of a record high. However, the heat index, which is a measure of how it actually feels due to the combined temperature and humidity, made it feel closer to 105°F (41°C). At night, there is little relief from the stifling heat, making it really uncomfortable to sleep for those without air conditioning.

Fortunately, the worst of the heat was yesterday. A weak storm system to the south will push in cooler, maritime air over the region. While it will still be on the hot and humid side, it will be more tolerable. If you can escape to the beach, the ocean temperature is in the refreshing upper-60s°F (20°C).

True relief from the heat likely will not come till this weekend, when a strong cold front is forecasted to push through the region. The tradeoff is that as the jet stream comes back south, we will likely see a resumption of periodic thunderstorms. In the meantime, pools, beaches, ice cream, and dreams of winter will have to do.