In the June 11 issue, the second paragraph of a caption describing top compensation at MIT omitted a word from the definition of the “Paid compensation” column in the accompanying table. “Paid compensation” is the sum of “base compensation,” “bonus & incentive compensation,” and “other reportable compensation.” The second item was incorrectly rendered as “bonus & compensation.” The same caption omitted an explanation of “MITIMCo.” MITIMCo, the MIT Investment Management Company, manages MIT’s investments and endowment. MITIMCo employees’ compensation is linked to the performance of MITIMCo’s investments. Professor Nelson Repenning’s half-million dollar “other reportable compensation” is due to his role as faculty director of a custom executive education program called the BP-MIT Operations Academy.

Because of an editing error, an interview with Professor Yasheng Huang referred to Huang by his given name “Yasheng.” It is our style to refer to subjects by their family names on second reference, which is “Huang” in this instance.

Because of an editing error, the article about the tornado watch in Boston misidentified Yan Zhu ’12 as a student in Course XIII. Zhu is a student in Course VIII, Physics. MIT has not had a Course XIII since 2005, when Ocean Engineering (then Course XIII) merged with Mechanical Engineering (Course II).

In the article about the nomination of Dean Subra Suresh ScD ’81 to lead the National Science Foundation, the third paragraph containing a single incomplete sentence was incorrectly placed. That paragraph should have not appeared in the article.

In the June 4 issue, a photograph caption for the 2.00b Toy Playsentations misidentified the student presenting the Frubble product. She is Paulina Mustafa ’13, not Anne G. Warren ’13.

An article on the Anna Tang stabbing from October 26, 2007, misspelled the given name of the Next House night watchman. His name is Russell J. Novello, not Russel.