Band Members:

Ari Miller: keyboard, vocals
Robert Boyd: vocals, bass
Paul Jaffe: drums


Where does the band practice?

A private location.

How and when did Technicolor get started?

Technicolor started in January 2010. The three of us had jammed together many times before, and with a little free time over IAP, we began to experiment with writing songs to complement our different musical styles. With the hope to create a dance-party-inspiring live performance, we kicked it into high gear and cranked out six songs by the end of the month, finding our sound and inspiration along the way.

Band’s influences?

Isley Brothers, The Brothers Johnson, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Moving Units, The Rapture, Stevie Wonder, Tower of Power, Funkadelic, Snarky Puppy.

What are some of the crazy/notable experiences the band has had?

In February, we played with Gentlemen Hall in the stage room in Beta’s Annex. It was a killer show and we had a great time dancing and sharing the stage with GH. Those guys know how to get people dancing! We also had an amazing time playing at the 2010 LMC Battle of the Bands over CPW. The highlight was definitely when Tim the Beaver crowd-surfed during our last song.

What has been your best performance so far?

Favorite, that’s a hard one. Playing in the Annex always has a great vibe, and the Battle of the Bands was exciting, but we would have to go with the LMC show that we played in February. It was our first time performing on campus and the crowd was great.

How did you guys decide on your band name?

We wanted a name that would communicate our disco-funk style while still sounding extremely cool. Picking a name was quite hard. We chose Technicolor because it not only conveys our vibrant sound, but also relates to the techie side of our performances. Our live set-up includes two computers, a MIDI controller, a MIDI keyboard, an analog synthesizer, trombone, bass, drums, and cables (lots of em).