Supa Dupa

Band Members:

Barry Kudrowitz (orange): guitar, organ, vocals, percussion 

Martin Skelton (yellow): accordian, trumpet, melodica, bells, vocals, drums, pan flute, tin whistle 

Bennett Chaney (green): double bass, vocals, guitar 

Dennis Miaw (red): drums, vocals 

Paula Te (purple): violin, vocals

past members that recently moved to California:

Lucas Hernandez Mena: percussion, bells, guitar, vocals, mandoline

Conor Lenahan: drums, guitar, harmonica, vocals 


Where does the band practice?

In Barry’s basement in Cambridge. 

How and when did Supa Dupa get started?

 Supa Dupa began as a band called Off White Noise from Orlando Florida.  In 2008, they underwent a makeover, started wearing rainbow costumes, new members were added, they experimented with new instruments and style, and ultimately changed names.   There were a variety of members of the past two years and at one point there were ten members in the band including two violinists, a horn section and a clarinet.   The majority of the members are MIT students or MIT alum.   

Band’s influences?

We seem to be influenced a lot by eastern european music which is strange because none of us are

eastern european... our songs just seem to have that feel.   I would describe it as baroque nerd rock. I can name a few artists that I think we can relate to:  Decemberists, They Might be Giants, Sufjan Stevens,  B-52s, Talking Heads, Belle and Sebastian, Fountains of Wayne, The Smiths, Gogol Bordello, The Boy Least Likely To, Man Man.

What are some of the crazy/notable experiences the band has had?

We opened for Michel Gondry and Mia Doi Todd and Bjork was in the audience!   Thank you to the Council for the Arts for organizing that event.   We also try to play shows with MIT a cappella groups and we played three shows with Resonance including the Rolling Stone Rockus Battle of the Bands.  

What has been your best performance so far?

Our CD release show with Electric Laser People,  Polski Fiat, and Chris Bell was quite good.

How did you guys decide on your band name?

This was hard. We almost were “Interrobang!?” we wanted something fun that would be easy to remember.