Band Members:

Harold Cooper: guitar, accordion
Carrie McDonough: vocals, guitar
Okie Jon Williams: drums


Where does the band practice?

A private location.

How and when did FORTRAN get started?

We started as The Carrie Okie Band, and then the band members got sick of that name and changed it to the name of a programming language. We considered every programming language ever invented and decided to go with the one that made the best band name.

Band’s influences?

AC/DC, Misfits, Pretenders, Pixies, Modest, Mouse, Bright Eyes, Cat Power, Mogwai, John Fahey, Gravity, The Speed of Light, and possibly Dark Matter.

What are some of the crazy/notable experiences the band has had?

We’ve played with KC Quilty a couple times.

What has been your best performance so far?

The time that Okie played too fast, made Carrie’s hands bleed, and she sprayed it all over him in a fit of anger.