Apply for UA positions

President Susan Hockfield and Vice President for Institute Affairs Kirk D. Kolenbrander attended Senate this past Monday. The two discussed the state of MIT’s finances, particularly in the context of W1, and answered questions from students. The majority of questions surrounded MIT’s commitment to innovation in the future and how we can budget appropriately to be both more innovative and more sustainable. A full transcript of the discussion will be available online after minutes have been approved at the next Senate meeting at http://ua.mit.edu/senate/minutes. Senate also passed a bill to fund the creation of Athena Paper Notebooks and to support a MassCPR event.

The recruiting process for next year is underway! Institute Committee nominations interviews will take place this upcoming weekend. The President and Vice President elect will be interviewing students who wish to serve as executive members and/or committee chairs of the UA next year. A full list of positions is available at http://ua.mit.edu/exec/positions. All students interested in applying must submit an application to wedothings@mit.edu by 5 p.m. on April 9 with the following information:

1) Name, Class Year, MIT e-mail,

2) Position(s) of interest (see below; up to 3; in order of preference),

3) Qualifications / Accomplishments (no more than 100 words; annotated list is appropriate),

4) Answer the questions: Why are you interested in this position? What ideas do you have for it for next year? (no more than 150 words per position),

5) References (up to two)

6) Availability for 30 minute interview (Three options in order of preference).

— Maggie Delano,
UA Vice President