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Rainiest March on record?

As you read this, we are surpassing the record for Boston’s rainiest March in the last century. As of last night, we have seen a total of more than 11.2 inches of rain this month, while the rainiest March prior totaled 11.0 inches in 1953. Flooding throughout the region will occur; the NWS has flood warnings out for all of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, as well as much of New York and New Jersey. Today, a strong southerly low-level jet stream from the E/SE feeds lots of moisture over us. Upper level winds slowly push the low pressure system directly on top of us, centering a strong region of convergence right over Massachusetts. We should see the heaviest rain today around noon; totals for the day will be around three or more inches. Surface winds will be predominantly from the north/northwest and reaching a maximum speed of 20 mph.

But never fear, this too shall pass! This evening the system will start to finally push off to our north. The majority of the rain will be behind us, and already we can start looking forward to a ridge building into the eastern United States. And you know what ridges bring: high pressure and clear skies! Thursday and Friday will be mostly sunny and rain-free. High temperatures will also be comfortable — in the upper sixties on Friday!