Letters to the Editor

CORRECTION TO THIS ARTICLE: Because of an editing error, a prior version of this letter was attributed to the wrong author. The letter was written by David A. Brescia '11, not Andrew Freeman.

I’m so excited about the new shuttle information screen that was installed inside of the student center! Now I can sit in the comfortable, climate-controlled environment of the Student Center while the screen tells me exactly when to head outside to catch a Saferide! It used to be such a pain standing outside waiting for the shuttles, especially in the freezing cold of winter or the torrential rains of spring!

Wait...what’s that? They installed the screen outside? So I still have to stand outside in the elements to know when the buses are coming? At least while I’m freezing in the snow or getting soaked to the bone, that screen, that beacon of Saferide grace, will give me hope.

—David A. Brescia ’11