A Friday, March 19 article about torrential rains incorrectly stated that residents of East Campus wrapped their basement smoke detectors in plastic bags to keep the alarms from going off. MIT Facilities wrapped the smoke detectors, to keep moisture out of electrical connections, not to prevent steam from setting off the alarm.

The caption for the photo of the East Campus machine shop on the front page of Friday’s issue misrepresented the cause of the damage. The damage occurred not because of leaks, but because a window was left open and let the rain in.

The front-page “In Short” section of the Friday, March 19 issue contained several errors. Faculty committee nominations are available in the March meeting notice, not the May meeting notice. The revised policy on hidden first term grades affects all first-year hidden grades, not just first-term grades. The policy was approved by the Committee on the Undergraduate Program and announced in a statement dated Feb. 9 and at the March faculty meeting; it is not subject to a vote of the Faculty, in April or otherwise.