Six elected to Nat’l Acad. of Engineering

Six elected to Nat’l Acad. of Engineering

Five MIT professors and one corporation member were elected to the National Academy of Engineering, the academy announced Wednesday:

• Cynthia Barnhart PhD ’88, professor of civil and environmental engineering and engineering systems, director of Transportation@MIT and co-director of MIT’s Operations Research Center.

• Gang Chen PhD ’99, professor of mechanical engineering and director of Pappalardo Micro and Nano Engineering Laboratories.

• Robert E. Cohen, professor of chemical engineering and co-director of the DuPont-MIT Alliance, and chair of the PhD CEP Steering Committee in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

• Andrew J. Whittle ScD ’87, head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

• Alan S. Willsky ’69 professor of electrical engineering and computer science and co-director of Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems.

• Arthur Gelb ’61, corporation member (chairman of the ESD visiting committee, and member of the EECS, Media Lab, Aero/Astro, and Brain & Cog. Sci visiting committees).