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Some schools and businesses have already closed in the Mid-Atlantic states of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia ahead of a powerful snowstorm that is forecast to strike that region starting this afternoon.

A low pressure system that formed Wednesday in the Gulf of Mexico will move up the Atlantic coast, gaining strength as it does so and bringing heavy snowfall to the Mid-Atlantic overnight tonight and during the day on Saturday. In all, the storm could bring upwards of two feet of snow to parts of the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan areas.

However, unlike the snowstorm that struck the east coast earlier this winter on December 19-20, which resulted in high snowfall totals from the Mid-Atlantic through New England, this weekend’s storm will follow a more easterly track, moving out to sea without making an impact on the Boston area. Therefore, temperatures in the 20s and low
30s °F will continue for the near future, with no significant precipitation expected.