A story on Tuesday misspelled the name of the winning 6.370 BattleCode team. The correct name is “My Archon Died BellmanFording the Stream,” not “BellamFording.” Bellman-Ford is an algorithm for computing shortest-paths in networks.

An article last Wednesday, “MIT Community Joins In Haiti Relief Efforts; Students Raise Funds,” gave incorrect information about the organizers of both the donation booth and the Talent Showcase event, “L’Union Fait La Force: Strength Through Unity.” The Council for the Advancement of Black Students did not organize the donation booths nor the event, though it supported both. The article also misstated the membership of the council. The organization is not made up of “the executive chairs and members of the Black Student Union, the Caribbean Club, African Student Association, Chocolate City, and Black Women’s Alliance.” It is made up of the presidents and vice presidents of those groups.