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The Tech’s 2010 Sex Toy Giveaway

You’ve read the reviews. Now we want to spread the love. Tell us why you deserve a sex toy!

2706 giveaway 0
Echo Vibrator from Tantus. Screwy.
David M. Templeton—The Tech
2707 giveaway 4
Condom Cases by Big Teaze. You can also put moist towelettes in there.
David M. Templeton—The Tech
2708 giveaway 3
Jack Jelly and Stroke 29 lubes from Gun Oil. Take care of yourself.
David M. Templeton—The Tech
2709 giveaway 2
I Rub My Penguin, Fishie, and Wormie and Flower Power keychain, all by Big Teaze. Not only are these vibrators disgustingly cute, it’s also extremely unclear which end you’re supposed to use.
David M. Templeton—The Tech
2710 giveaway 1
I Rub My Duckie by Big Teaze. Waterproof. For bathtime.
David M. Templeton—The Tech

Another sad, single Valentine’s day? Not this year! This year, The Tech is here to ease your loneliness...with sex toys and lube! (What did you expect?) If you’d like to win one, write in to with “Sex Toy Giveaway” in the subject line, and tell us why you deserve a particular item. Unrequited love? An incompetent partner? An inconvenient mole? Share your pain.

We’ll print the winners (with the name redacted, of course). Prizes will be announced on Friday, Feb. 12. We will only accept entries from MIT e-mail accounts. For Women:

Tantus Echo Vibrator (Midnight Purple) ($59.99)

Big Teaze, Flower Power Keychain, keychain ($14.49)

Big Teaze, I Rub my Duckie, travel-sized, Paris noir ($18.99)

Big Teaze, I rub my penguin, 3 speed ($25.99)

Big Teaze, I rub my wormie ($32.99)

Big Teaze, I rub my fishie, travel, black and yellow fire print ($19.99)

OhMiBod, Club Vibe  ($49)

For Men:

Gun Oil, Jack Jelly ($8.65)

Gun Oil, Stroke 29 ($14)

For Everyone:

Hathor Aphrodisia, Vegan Lube, Plain ($18)

Hathor Aphrodisia, Vegan Chocolate Strawberry ($22)

Big Teaze, Condom case, 2, one in red, the other pink ($15.99 *2)

We-Vibe, 1st generation ($85)