An article last Wednesday on MIT’s Solar Electric Vehicle Team gave the wrong year for Robert Pilawa. He is a current graduate student and completed his undergraduate degree in 2005, not 2006.

An article on January 20 about the use of Ritalin at MIT rendered incorrectly a quotation from Kristine A. Girard ’86, Chief Associate of Mental Health at MIT Medical. Referring to their high-school experience, she said that students with inattention symptoms “may have been overlooked because the work isn’t so demanding and they really didn’t have to pay attention,” not that they “were overlooked” and “they didn’t have to pay attention.” Referring to the MIT experience of such overlooked students, she said they “are not able to take in information in lecture,” not that they may “not be able to.”

The January 27 gender change article (see note) also incorrectly claimed the Registrar’s Office modeled its policy on that of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. While the RMV’s policies inspired those who lobbied the Registrar for the change, the Registrar did not base MIT’s policy on the RMV’s policy.

A back-page photo of women’s soccer on October 20, 2009 misidentified the MIT player in the center of the photo. She is Jean E. “Liz” Theurer ’09, not Erica C. Granger ’10.