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Return of the Freeze

Return of the Freeze

The small warm-up that has occurred in the Boston area at the beginning of this week has had many people thinking that the worst part of the winter is over, and that spring is just around the corner. With temperatures in the 50s°F (above 10°C) for most of the day on Monday, several parts of the Charles River have even begun to unfreeze.

Astronomically, however, there are still two months remaining in the winter season, and more of the coldest weather of the year almost certainly still lurks ahead. In fact, while high temperatures will remain above the freezing point for today and tomorrow, the passage of a cold front tomorrow night will see temperatures dive into the teens °F (below 6°C).

A few light rain or snow showers may pass through Thursday afternoon ahead of the cold front, which will pass over the area tomorrow night, sending temperatures plunging to around 20°F (-7°C). Even colder air will arrive Friday night, with temperatures lower than 15°F (-10°C), additionally ushering in a chance of snow showers for the weekend.

Extended Forecast

Today: Mostly sunny, high 41°F (5°C). Winds W at 8–14 mph.

Tonight: Mostly clear, low 28°F (-2°C). Winds SW at 4–8 mph.

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy with a chance of light rain or snow in the afternoon, high 38°F (3°C). Winds SW at 10–16 mph.

Friday: Sunny and breezy with highs in the low 20s°F (-6°C).

Saturday: A chance of snow showers, highs around 20°F (-7°C).