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Rise to the Occlusion

Rise to the Occlusion

Today’s weather will be influenced by the passage of an occluded front, as the center of a low pressure system passes to our north. An occluded front is formed in a mature cyclone (low pressure system) when the cold front associated with the system overtakes the warm front, causing the two fronts to merge. Unlike a cold or warm front, an occluded front usually does not result in a large temperature difference at the surface upon its passage, since there is relatively cold air on either side of it. However, there is often a pocket of warm air pushed aloft in association with the occluded front, which can lead to precipitation along the frontal boundary.

We will see this precipitation move through our area today, as rain showers take place ahead of the passing occluded front. After the front has passed, however, the skies will clear just in time for a pleasant weekend. Expect highs in the 50s°F, with lows in the low 40s°F through Sunday. A chance of rain will present itself once again on Monday, as a coastal storm is expected to approach New England.

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Breezy and clearing early. Low 44°F (7°C). Winds west at 12–15 mph.

Tomorrow: A few clouds early. High 57°F (14°C). Winds west-northwest at 10–12 mph.

Sunday: Partly cloudy. Highs near 50°F (10°C).

Monday: Cloudy with a chance of rain. Highs near 50°F (10°C).