UA Update

Senate met on Monday, November 16. Additions to Summer/Fall 2009 Finance Board Appeals were passed, and 41 U.A.S. 6.3: Fresh Fund Allocations allocated money from the Fresh Fund to many newly-recognized student groups. The 2013, 2012, and 2011 Class Council budgets were also approved by Senate. 41 U.A.S. 6.4: Re-Charging the Enrollment Committee, a bill to re-charge the UA Committee on Enrollment in light of the likely increase in enrollment, was passed. Two bills regarding the procedure to nominate a student to a position on an Institute Committee, 41 U.A.S. 6.1: Applicability of Nominations Committee Process and 41 U.A.S. 6.2: Nomination Process for Ex Officio Members of Institute Committees, were presented, but both will be voted on at later meetings. Finally, summaries of the past three years of Senate prepared by the UA History Committee were approved.

The UA Committee on Dining and the Office of Campus Dining are working together to introduce breakfast service in dining halls next fall. The Committee surveyed residents in Baker, McCormick, Next, and Simmons over the weekend to determine their breakfast preferences. More than 700 residents responded, and the survey results will help shape the breakfast program. The data is available on the Committee’s website: ua.mit.edu/dining.

The September Student Holiday will fall on the same day as the Career Fair in 2011 and 2012 after being passed by a vote of the Faculty. In Fall 2011, the Career Fair and Student Holiday will fall on a Wednesday, and in 2012, they will fall on a Friday. Data will be collected so that a further recommendations can be made in Spring 2013 regarding the future of the Student Holiday.

—Elizabeth A. Denys,
UA Secretary General