MOVIE REVIEW Daring Director Explores the Perception of God

23 Countries Later, A Documentary Is Born

Oh My God!

Written and Directed by Peter Rodger

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What is God? The question begs an answer for which generations of human beings have waged war against one another to prove themselves correct. And yet, the answer is still out there, waiting for the reconciliation between beliefs before making a universal debut.

Meanwhile, the world is in chaos. Does it make any sense that those who claim to love God would get on an airplane and fly themselves into a building while taking thousands of innocents’ lives? Does it make any sense for the leader of a free nation to embark upon war because God told him to? Does it make sense that God would cause the world so much suffering and turmoil on his behalf? One man, impatient in waiting for religious reconciliation and tired of the childish bickering between religions has taken it upon himself to find the answer.

The documentary and political commentary Oh My God! is the video journal of director Peter Rodger which details his discoveries through the entire voyage of finding the answer to his question, “What is God?” His quest has taken him on a 3 year journey through 23 countries from the Plains of America to the temples of Little Tibet, from the small communities of the Aboriginals to the South American jungles, from the disaster-devastated New Orleans to the high ridges of the Himalayans. While watching the documentary, the audience is given the chance to meet Rabbis, Priests, Buddhist Llamas, Muslim radicals, Christian fundamentalists, famous people, and ordinary men and women from around the world, and hear their answer to Rodger’s simple question.

The results of Rodger’s journey is at the same time predictable and surprising. Between stunningly scenic backgrounds of the wilderness and close-ups of people embodying diverse cultures and religions, Rogers’s passion for finding an answer proves that even though each religion has different rules, their concept of God is one and the same: God is love. One of the most memorable comments about God and faith came from Hugh Jackman: “If you put Buddha, Jesus Christ, Socrates, Shakespeare, Arjuna and Krishna at a dinner table together, I can’t see them having any argument.” The film also displays atheism and reasons for being an atheist. Sir Bob Geldof thinks that the entire concept of a supreme being is “rubbish.” “Why are you looking for an answer?” Some believe that the concept of God was created so that people could feel better about themselves. After all, when something bad happens, who do we blame it on?

Oh My God!, released on November 13, is a worthwhile investment, even if you have no opinion about religion. This is more than a commentary on faith; it is more of a description of how the world has survived the human race and the happy realization that there is still hope for reconciliation.