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It’s Cold Then It’s Hot…

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Your weather changes, like a girl, changes clothes.That low, from last night, ’snow a high, I would know.Today’s winds and those clouds, turn to sun, Saturday.With a high, of sixty on sunday…It’s cold then its hot, it rains and chance snow, there’s clouds and there’s not, there’s sun peeking through.North winds for to-day, west winds to-morrow.A high to the east, and a low to the west….
Elizabeth Maroon—Staff Meteorologist

It’s Cold Then It’s Hot…

Staff Meteorologist Elizabeth Maroon sings It's Cold Then It's Hot

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Skies clearing with a chilly low of 33°F (0°C).

Tomorrow: Mostly clear to partly cloudy skies with mild westerly winds; high near 55°F (13°C). A low around 40°F (4°C) with light winds from 5–10 mph at night.

Sunday: Mostly clear-partly cloudy skies still prevailing. High near 60°F (15°C).